Modular cutting-off machines

A clean cut

Quality prevails. The cutting-off machines designed and produced by G.u.K. Ihle e.K., which we use in-house for blank production, have become one of the highlights of our portfolio. These powerful machines have made G.u.K. Ihle e.K a market leader in Germany and Europe. And they are also in use much further afield: from India to Mexico, our technology is used to cut carbide and other hard materials.
Our IB® series of cutting-off machines impresses with its modular concept, which enables each individual module to be adapted to specific customer requirements. As individual as they are, our cutting-off machines also have something in common: very short setup times, ease of use and clean cuts.
As the cuts are so precise and clean, they are even a hit with customers from completely different industries, in addition to tool manufacturers, machinists and mechanical engineers. For example, graphite tubes and even cheese slices are cut on our cutting-off machines.

Modular cutting-off machines:

  • For every requirement
  • Easy to operate
  • Very short setup times
  • Clean cuts