IB®3 cutting-off machine

The IB®3 is a cutting-off machine with automatic cutting-off wheel and workpiece feed, making it ideal for use as an auxiliary machine for small series and single cuts in special tool production.

  • Feed
    • The cutting-off wheel is fed by means of hydropneumatics, the feed rate can be controlled steplessly via a control dial.
  • Length setting
    • Various, freely programmable workpiece lengths can be set using the user-friendly control system. An encapsulated linear unit with a servo-drive motor and high resolution resolver guarantee maximum accuracy. The machine is designed for bar lengths up to a maximum of 500 mm.
Dimensions and data
Overall height: 1700 mm
Width: 2550 mm
Depth: 950 mm
Motor rating: 3,0 KW
Wheel diameter: 200 mm
Cutting capacity: 1,5-40 mm
Optional components / accessory
Coolant container with pump
Connection central coolant supply
Pressure relief right clamping arm
Pressure reducing valve clamping
Frequency converter
Rinsing device for cleaning