IB®1 cutting-off machine

The IB®1 Manual cutting-off machine is an easy-to-use, hand-operated cutting-off machine, designed for small quantities and single cuts. The basic model with manual cutting-off wheel feed is best suited for single cuts and smaller series.

  • Feed
    • The feed rate is manually controlled by the operator.
  • Clamping
    • Two independent clamping arms hold the workpiece safely in a V-block.
  • Length setting
    • The adjustable length stop with vernier scale enables quick setup and guarantees a repeat accuracy of more than 0.1 mm.
Dimensions and data
Overall height: 1350 mm
Width: 850 mm
Depth: 1420 mm
Motor rating: 1,5 / 3,0 KW
Wheel diameter: 200 mm
Cutting capacity: 40 mm
Optional components / accessory
Motor rating 3,0 KW
Pressure relief right
Length stop without scale
Length stop with micrometer
Length stop with digital indicator
Coolant container with pump
Rinsing device for cleaning
Connection central coolant supply
Pressure reducing valve clamping
Adjustment of cutting speed
Wide left-hand clamping arm
Foot pedal for length stop
Brass finger set (pack of 6)
High-performance dia. cutting blade
High-performance CBN cutting blade
Dressing stones (pack of 10)
IB®1 Manual cutting-off machine
Grinding wheel guard and safety switch
Secure clamping without changeover time