IB®4 cutting-off machine

The IB®4 is a cutting-off machine with automatic bar feed and loading magazine, making it ideal for series production.
This fully-automatic cutting-off machine was designed for high-volume cutting. A large-capacity loading magazine reduces manpower requirements and increases productivity.

  • Loading magazine
    • The large capacity magazine enables you to carry out low-manpower production. The position of the magazine at the front of the machine saves space and gives the best access and ergonomic position for loading the magazine. A different diameter bar can be set with ease with a crank handle for the shortest possible setup times.
  • Bar feed and cut-off lengths
    • An encapsulated linear unit with a servo drive with high resolution resolver guarantees maximum accuracy. Any cut-off length can be freely programmed. The control system automatically calculates the number of cuts according to the length and quantity entered.
  • Grinding wheel feed
    • The IB®4 has an automatic cutting-off wheel feed via servomotor. Once the workpiece diameter has been entered into the control system, all travelling distances are automatically calculated and controlled. The feed rate can be programmed via the control system.
  • Clamping
    • Two independent clamping fingers hold the workpiece safely in a V-block.
Dimensions and data
Overall height: 1700 mm
Width: 2250 mm
Depth: 1200 mm
Motor rating: 3,0 KW
Wheel diameter: 200 mm
Cutting capacity: 40 mm
Easy cutting of all workpieces
Feed unit with magazine and control system